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    Mac-Nut-Oil Information : : : :

MacNut™ Oil is, quite simply, the finest oil available!

MacNut™ Oil is more healthful than olive oil, more stable than canola, and more delicious than either. MacNut™ Oil is stable at high heat, contains 0% Carbs and is Hampton's diet approved...more info

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NEW - Digestive Health!
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Original Formula

We now proudly carry Dr. Ohhhira's complete line of Probiotics and Probiotics Supplements.

Scientists predict that Probiotics will be as important in this century as ANTI-biotics were in the last.

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NEW - Anti-Aging Supplement!
Genostim Anti-Aging Formula

Genostim GS-6 is a cutting-edge ISO peptide matrix designed to help the body signal its endocrine system to work in total homeostasis and at youthful levels.

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NEW - Cholesterol Management Supplement!
Cardiol Natural Cholesterol Managment Supplement

Cardiol is a unique combination of nine all-natural ingredients to help manage healthy Cholesterol levels. Cardiol is independently tested for purity and potency and is registered with the FDA.

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NEW - Vitality - Ultra Pure Fish Oil.
The Most Potent and Purest Fish Oil Available!

Vitality Ultra Pure Fish Oil is independently certified free of heavy metals and PCBs and recieves a 5 star rating, the highest possible rating, by the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) body for purity and potency.

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NEW - A Safe Natural Anti-Aging Cream!
Twist 25 A Safe Natural Anti-Aging Cream

Twist 25 is formulated to not be greasy, rub in quickly and cleanly leaving no residue or odor. The small particle size allows for better absorption and better cream stability. No parabens. No soy. The cream rubs in quickly leaving a fresh clean feel.

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Experts Recommend MacNut™ Oil

Fred Pescatore, MD, former Associate Medical director of the Atkins Center says he made MacNut™ Oil a key part of The Hamptons Diet because it is even higher in the monounsaturated fats that science shows reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

My patients lower their cholesterol using it and since it is stable at high heat and tastes so wonderful in cooking and salad dressings, they gladly make it the only oil they use in their kitchen.

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    Mac-Nut-Oil In The News : : : :

US Magazine Reports:

US Magazine hit the newstands with testimonials from Hollywood stars
who use MacNut™ Oil.

The article said "Stars who want to
get fit fast consume 1 tablespoon of macadamia nut oil every day".


Food & Wine Magazine Reports:

Food & Wine placed MacNut™ Oil among 75 products that make great food gifts for the holiday season.

MacNut™ Oil is also a great choice for your holiday recipes!


First Magazine Reports:

MacNut™ Oil is the key to weight loss, heart health, and strong immunity, Dr. Pescatore says. This macademia cooking oil makes socialites, super-skinny

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