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MacNut Oil Attributes

MacNut Oil is low in saturated fat (approximately 14%, of which roughly 26% is benign Stearic acid).

Although the amounts of essential fatty acids are low (as expected in a stable cooking oil) the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is in the ideal range of
approximately 1:1

MacNut Oil is very high in natural anti-oxidants. The natural alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) level is approx. 450 ppm (olive oil is approx. 100 ppm).

Because of its high smoke point and monounsaturated level, Macadamia oil is least likely to develop the unhealthful trans fatty acids and lipid peroxides when heated.

Can be used for stir-fry because of its very high smoke point 410 F. (Depending on quality and age, olive oil breaks down at less than 325).

Has a very long shelf life due to the high natural levels of mono-unsaturates (that limit the points where oxygen can attack) and antioxidants (that restrict oxidation).

Suitable for a raw foods diet.

Has the same caloric value as any other oil

Contains no cholesterol (nor does other oil derived from plant matter).

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